Sora at Anglemont

Awakening the Phoenix

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Sora love for animals and birds guided him to pursue a passion in ecology, and his eventual discovery to the Furry Fandom. after years invested into ecological research, his team's wolf sanctuary in Singapore, as well as many wilderness expeditions across many countries, he eventually decided to retire from ecology that lead to his new pursuit as a developer. Sora's fursona embodies his determination, perseverance, and boldness in pursuit of his passion and forming his legacy.  But to his friends, his loyalty, passion, and light-hearted nature can be seen when he's acting in costume, and in his own contribution to the fandom, In my photoshoot of Sora, I wanted to display him in its divinity and symbolize the legendary creature's majesty, but also the person behind the character, his silliness and fun personality often seen on the dance floor!